AAR- Board

AAR. If you have a disagreement with a decision made you can appeal it here.

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AAR- Board

Postby United Gamers Online » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:11 pm

After Action Review Board was created to facilitate a resolution to disagreements with decisions or actions in direct relation with the parties involved. In lamest terms if you disagree with a decisions or action that has already happened and are the involved parties you may file a AAR and the board will investigate your disagreement. If a conflict of interest, meaning a person involved is on the board, that person will refrain from being allowed to make any final decisions on the outcome of a AAR.

whenever possible all disputes will be made at the local level before proceedings will commence.

Think of this as your local JAG office. Now there will be some information we will need to start and end the AAR:

[*] You must be a involved member of the disputing incident
[*] You must have tried to handle this with your chain of command
[*] You must provide detailed information on who was involved, what you are disputing exactly, and what happened from your point of view.
[*] You may only dispute disagreements with the AAR with in 30days of conflict
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