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UGO - United Gamers Online

This gaming community was created to unite gamers together while adding immersion with a U.S military theme back ground. No matter if you are a hardcore gamer or a leisure gamer we here at UGO we welcome you. A place to hang your hat, make friends, call home, and play a lot of video games. As long as you can follow a few rules, are at least 16 years old, we welcome you to climb our ranks with us at UGO.


    UGO will never ask for donations or money to be a part of UGO.
    UGO has no restrictions or limitations on how far you can go in the community. If you want to be Chief of Staff then you can earn it but being a member is just as important in UGO.
    UGO it's not just the fun playing each new gaming title released but the bonded friendships you create in UGO is what makes playing these games worth all the while.
    Join us for memorable epic adventures across wide variety of games, no matter what you play we most likely play it too!

This is a mature gaming community and it has a great structure but by any means does it mean we don't like to relax and act a bit silly from time to time. The structure and maturity level found in UGO is our template but we don't aim to be serious while we kick back and play video games together.

Join UGO for exclusive tournaments, events, and pro teams if you wish to play in a competitive manner.

Everyone in UGO is a recruiter and can recruit their friends and family to join. We have many fellow military and police officers in UGO, we play during all time zones, we have a wide variety of ages throughout the community, and we can be found on the Xbox-One, Playstation4, and mobile gaming on tables/phones.

If you found our website and community appealing but don't know how to join then feel free to reply here with your gamertag and we will have someone in UGO contact you about joining us. Be sure to include your time zone and what time you're most likely to be available.


Please take the time to review the Code of Conduct & Ranking structure.

Welcome to UGO no matter if you join us or not we welcome your friendship.
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