Ranks Overview

Description of the rank structure.

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Ranks Overview

Postby United Gamers Online » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:45 am

How everyone breaks down. XO -Executive Officer & CO -Commanding Officer.

Platoon: 30members, which are the backbone of the community, with a 2LT in charge.
Company: will have three platoons with a XO-1LT and a CO-CPT in charge.
Battalion: will have two companies with a XO-MAJ and a CO-LTC in charge.
Division: will have two battalions with a XO-COL and a CO-anyGen in charge.

Platoon = 30 members
three Platoons = one company 90 members+ companyXO 1LT/companyCO CPT=95 total
two Company = one battalion 184members+ battalionXO MAJ/ battalionCO LTC=192 total
two battalion = one division 372members+ divisionXO COL/divisionCO any Gen= 386 total

You will need to register on these forums the same exact name as your gamertag on xbox live. Exactly as it displays to match at all times.
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