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Keep it simple stupid -K.I.S.S- I can't stress this enough.

1) Join and remain in the club United Gamers Online on the xbox platform. This will give you a list of other members in UGO.
2) You will need to register on these forums the same exact name as your gamertag on xbox live. Exactly as it displays to match at all times. If you need a name change on the forums please let an officer/admin know and we can facilitate that for you.

Following the U.S Army core values LDRSHIP;
L: Loyalty
D: Duty
R: Respect
S: Selfless Service
H: Honor
I: Integrity
P: Personal Courage

You must be over the age of 16 or have Chief of Staff approval, by law in the United States you must be at least the age of 13 to even be considered. This is a mature-adult gaming community.

Keep your trash talking to a minimum, you represent the entire community by every statement and action while in public.

No hacking, cheating, glitching, or anything game breaking to give yourself an advantage. If you want to do this, do so on a separate gamertag but not with UGO. This is a case by case basis but there is little to no tolerance on this subject.

Follow your chain of command's decisions, attend meetings when available, and be a positive part of UGO.

No bigotry, racism, homophobia, sexist, hatred of any kind specific to a certain minority. Granted saying that's gay, doesn't mean you hate gays, and telling a joke that is against this is not a direct violation.

This is a code of conduct, so conduct yourself appropriately.
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